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If you're reading this, then you're probably curious as to why we give away free games, our history, and all of that other fun stuff. If so, you've came to the right section. I'm going to be explaining all of that right now :) In order to understand our present, you must first acknowledge our past. GameHandout was created early of 2012 and was originally a Wordpress blog website. We did game giveaways through our twitter, and to people who posted on our blog. What we were originally was an Indie Gaming News Blog. I'm in love with indie games, they are always super unique, and show much promise, but keeping up with them and knowing which ones are dying and which ones are keeping active in updates is hard. So I wanted to help out the community by telling them the games I loved, followed by if the game is continuously being active or not. I also loved buying bundles, and games from websites that had extremely cheap prices. I would purchase multiple orders for friends, though this meant I'd had extra games. If a bundle had a game I wanted, and 5 other games, I'd buy 3 copies so I can give the game I like to my friends so we can play, this leaves 15 games I'm not using simply sitting there. This is where the idea of GameHandout came to play. Not only can I review games, but I can also give games that are gathering dust to the community. To people who will actually play them. So, I decided to make game handout. At first I was writing reviews almost daily for games I found and love, then I started working and couldn't post as much so I found other writers. @sage was one of them. From there, we would make a least one review a week, and do a weekly giveaway to anyone who actually looked at our posts. A few months past, and I realized blogging wasn't getting any traffic, or had anyone viewing our posts. So, I decided to make a MyBB forum and attach it to the blog, this way we can have a community, and another way to give away games. The community started to grow as we got our first 20 members. We were giving away games, and everyone seemed to love it. This is when I decided to invest my time into this completely. I shut down all other websites, and used my XenForo code on GameHandout. Merging everything over from MyBB, we now have a spectacular paid forum software. Everyone loved it, and we kept on doing what we were doing. At this point I began to look into the Army, and decided to join. Unable to make any blog posts myself, the staff soon stopped making blog posts weekly, and posting them monthly, which then turned into whenever they could. We all have lives, and it takes priority over free work like blog posts. After several months of inactivity I decided to shut down the blogs entirely, and make this simply a forum for member. I was still in training for the Army, so I was unable to update the website any further, nor did I have any time to post on it, and keep it active. So, GameHandout has been sitting here, gathering dust ever since. I am finally out of training, and able to post, and take time to dedicate to the forums. This is why I am now starting GameHandout up once more, and which is also why you will see a lot of extremely old posts. Keep in mind, we may have been open for 3 years, but we've recently just started up again, so the site is still more than new. As long as you all keep posting, I'll keep putting out more free games!

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