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    Crowfall officially P2W

    If it's a relatively cheap p2w, and it saves you a lot of grinding, I think it's okay. If it's expensive and you need to pay just to get your foot in the door, it's probably a ripoff.
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance

    I'm patient. ; )
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    Making Some Sci-Fi Sprites

    I told my friend who wants to practice programming that we should make a simple platformer. I highly doubt we'll make any real progress on the game, but I can surely finish a spritesheet. Here is the concept art of the character. On the left is just a sketch I drew and colored to help me plan...
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    Fidget Spinner Swag

    Do a kickflip.
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    Have you bought anything from Steam Summer Sale?

    I think the Borderlands games would be well worth it. The four pack is $15. Borderlands 2 is a AAA game with tons of content. Some of them might already own it, so you might not have to buy 4 copies. It's probably my favorite co-op game. I think people are kinda picky when it comes to fighting...
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance

    It looks pretty interesting. I'd probably wait until it's on sale to buy it though.
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    Project RPG

    Could you please post more info about the game or giveaway in the main post?
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    Have you bought anything from Steam Summer Sale?

    I haven't bought a single thing. The summer sale feels way less special without the flash sales and everything. I've barely even browsed through what's on sale.
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    Alien fans, get in here. Let's talk about Covenant.

    Who here has seen Alien Covenant? Have you seen all of the other Alien movies, including Prometheus? What are your thoughts? Did you like it? Hate it? Are you torn? I like it as a movie, but I hate it as an installment in the franchise. I'll explain my thoughts if anyone is interested.
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    Horizon: Zero Dawn Screenshot Dump

    They look very nice.
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    Sweet, thanks!
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    Favorite Genre?

    I hope you enjoy it!
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    Favorite Genre?

    I was pretty much the same with Hearthstone. I played on official release, and stopped after a while. I came back last year, when standard was made. I missed the first two expansions of the game, but they brushed them under the rug when they made standard. I was only one expansion behind for...
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    Favorite Genre?

    Fighting games are very intense. They get my adrenaline going more than any other games. The Soul Calibur series was my favorite. Card games are just kind of addicting. I got started with Yu-Gi-Oh when I was like 6-7, and it escalated until I was 13. When I was a senior in high school, I got...
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    Loot Hero DX Giveaway

    I just did it all in under a minute or two. Nothing was slow for me.

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