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    What's your top 10 favorite movies?

    This is one of my favorite topics, i'd love to read your posts. here's mine in random order: 1. The Green Mile 2. Shawshank Redemption 3. Requiem for a Dream 4. Fight Club 5. Scent of a Woman 6. Tokyo Godfathers 7. Giovannis Island 8. Lotr and Hobbit trilogies 9. Cinderella Man 10. The Road to...
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    Secret Santa

    Sweet. Hope you're doing well!
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    So what's everyone playing these days?

    I'm currently into Tabletop Simulator, got it like two weeks ago and surprisingly it's much better than what i expected. There's a ton of board games to try out in the workshop and you're free to try at making one of your own as well. Probably the best 10 euro i've spent on a steam sale. I plan...
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    Secret Santa

    Likewise here, but give him some time, he's probably too busy!
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    Reccomend me some games!

    Nuclear Throne is amazing and pretty hard too. I'm on the fence of grabbing it's cousin called Enter the Gungeon before the sale ends tomorrow. Have you played that too?
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    Happy New Year everybody!

    May 2018 bring you closer to utmost happiness and fill your heart with kindness. I'm pretty sure 2017 was a bit harsh to many of us, so, lets make this year a better one! Make an effort for this to happen, and never stop chasing your dreams!
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    What games have you bought so far this winter?

    I'm having a tough time to find myself enjoying such type of simulation games. Game Dev always looked interesting but i'd probably spend more time doing silly things than taking it serious. Early Access games sometimes are a gamble, especially if they're not wide known and wide sold Did you...
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    Reccomend me some games!

    I noticed that you play Terraria, can't help it but mention that you're probably missing for not giving Starbound a chance. When i begun to get into indie games(i'm mostly an indie gamer now), i kept reading about Terraria and how good it was, it looked like a 2D Minecraft, but better. Got it on...
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    Monthly Game Giveaways!

    You shouldnt feel bad about it. If anything it's us that should feel bad, i mean you're giving away amazing games, yet us few lurkers dont even try to keep the forum alive. We dont deserve your kindness. No matter the case, i hope you're doing fine. Happy holidays!
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    What games have you bought so far this winter?

    Personally, i already have a lot of games i need to finish before grabbing something new. There are so many great games i'd love to buy though. Mostly indie games like Dead Cells, Pit People, Craft the World, Tooth and Tail and others, though i'll wait for early January before i decide onto...
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    What is your GOTY?

    I havent played many 2017 games, but i do agree, Caveblazers is pretty good, hard too. I love rogue-likes or w.e they're called(terms confuse me), hopefully i'll be able to try Dead Cells one day soon too.
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    Secret Santa

    Thanks for this great event! I hope everyone got something nice. Happy holidays you all!
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    What games do you have the most fond memories of as a child?

    I havent played firered, but i did play the first pokemon red game on my black and white gameboy. Man, those were the best days.
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    What games do you have the most fond memories of as a child?

    I'll start by mentioning Mario Kart. I play games since i was 6. My first Mario Kart was on the GBA. I spent so many hours on it. I remember having a link cable and playing with friends at school. This didnt stop there, Mario Kart on the GameCube and on the DS offered me almost as many hours and...
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    How do you plan to enjoy the soon to be Christmas?

    Are you going to do something extraordinary? Having some family time? What presents are you going to buy? Have a nice one people!

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