1. cajko

    Just to say thanks!

    Hi all GH members :D I am glad to say that i got to lvl5 here and as a reward i recived a gold crate(two steam games). Xyph got for me: The Wolf Among Us and Be active and win game :D Have fun guys i know i have and will. Love you all, cheers.
  2. cajko

    A Story About My Uncle on Fanatical Great game for chump change :D
  3. cajko

    Celebrate 20 Years of StarCraft STARCRAFT: REMASTERED StarCraft 20th Anniversary UI Skin BEGINS MARCH 6 Log in to StarCraft: Remastered after March 6 to receive a commemorative 20th Anniversary UI Skin for StarCraft: Remastered. STARCRAFT II StarCraft 20th Anniversary UI Skins, Portrait...
  4. cajko

    Thief Collection

    6,57€ for all of this ...
  5. cajko

    Trade Some steam game keys for trade or GH$

    These are the games i am offering to exchange!!! Perimeter UFO: Aftershock Ascension to the Throne Konung 2 RC Cars Write all the offers here, thank you!
  6. cajko

    Party Hat in PAYDAY 2 NO PICTURE!
  7. cajko

    Assassin's Creed Origins: E3 2017

    I bet you didnt see this one comming :D Of course Ubi is putting out yet anothere AC(i stopped playing this after north america version of AC)
  8. Xyphien

    Random Events

    Hello Gamers! Today I've been browsing the forums in search of members online and active to send them a free game. Currently I've only been on at the same time as @Soleil at which I sent said user a PM. This PM I decided to spice things up rather than sending just the code, I sent a message that...
  9. cajko

    Steam Free Weekend and Sale Start Today Starting right now, Rocket League is FREE to play for all Steam users through Sunday morning. You can download the full base game, free of charge, and hop into any Playlist, be it Competitive, Dropshot, Rumble, or...
  10. Xyphien

    Largest GameHandout Giveaway!

    Salutations Gamers! Tis I, Xyphien! I am here to bring you our largest giveaway we've ever done! We're giving away over $200 worth of games for FREE! Facerig Pro, Facerig, Jet Racer Extreme, Memories of Vagabond, Ryse Son of Rome, Project Cards, The Escapist, The Escapist: Alcatraz, The...
  11. Xyphien

    Brawlhalla Review

    Who here loves Super Smash Bro's? I'm sure the mass majority of people agree that it is an extremely fun game. However, how many people own a Nintendo type of system, or have the money to pay for the game. Brawlhalla brings smash bro styled gameplay to the PC for FREE! Yes, you heard it. FREE...

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