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  1. Rosire Sabido

    Warframe SPACESHIP COMBAT!!!

    Ahhhh Warframe such a beautiful free game that can surpass other Triple A games out there. Let's get to the news, Tennocon recently showcased a new open world zone with a twist. It reveals combat at the comfort of your own ship damnnn this game just keeps getting better and better. At any time...
  2. UnixSystem101

    Sea Of Thieves Releasing Soon

    Sea of Thieves is releasing on March 20th, 2018!
  3. Rosire Sabido

    Last chance to get Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time for free

    If you have been under the rails all month and havent heard that ubisoft is celebrating its 30 years of success. What?! you don't care about them them celebrating their anniversary? Well then what if I told they are gonna giveaway their best classic games once a month for the next 30 more. I...
  4. Rosire Sabido

    BLACK OPS III now out!!! or maybe yesterday

    Ok so where do I start. Call of Duty Black Ops III is a FPS, Shooter, Multiplayer, Action game Oh wait don't forget about the zombies. Black Ops III is now released and I just Checked it has a mixed user reviews it now has a 267 positive and 177 negative most of the negative reviews are about...
  5. Rosire Sabido

    One of the Weirdest gaming news ever

    I know most of guys know the game NBA 2K16. NBA 2k16 ahhh what a wonderful game with your own character customization you can create players with different hair colors, unique faces, change their height. You can create whatever player you wish a muscular player, an athletic player or in this...
  6. Rosire Sabido


    If any of you know the game styx "The stealth kind of game" is gonna have a sequel. The first game of styx came out pretty successful because of it's reviews plus the game looks awesome. So Focus Home the creators of styx announced that there will be a sequel next year and it is called Styx...
  7. Rosire Sabido

    Biggest question on Star Wars: Battlefront Answered

    Well I saw that the Star Wars: Battlefront beta was released I haven't actually "played the game" but still buy it when it becomes cheaper. While I was reading the gaming news about the beta I saw the response of sage to the news and he said this: The biggest question is whenever this is...
  8. Rosire Sabido


    From the creators of the award winning game The walking dead. Telltale comes up with another great idea, I think. I know almost all of you here plays minecraft right? OF course you do! who doesn't. Telltale made a story mode for minecraft and the game is literally called Minecraft: Story Mode...
  9. AlexanderS4

    Far Cry Primal

    So after a twitter "leak" a while ago, Ubisoft made it official: New Far Cry is coming in 2016. Trailer: This new title is an FPS with a setting in the Cave age. You play as Takkar in an open world called Oros. It will have some kind of crafting system to make both melee and ranged...
  10. Rosire Sabido

    First 10 days of SOMA sells 92,000 copies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay where to start, so Soma sells 92,000 copies! like I said on the title and that's amazing for a Survival, Horror game. It came for the creators Amnesia Dark Descent so I have no doubts that it will be scary as sheet. And I bet the creators of the game are happy as I don't maybe something...
  11. Rosire Sabido

    Speed Runners free to play this weekend on steam!!!

    Speed Runner is a racing game don't get me wrong it's not a car game it says RUNNERS obviously but anyways it's free to play on steam this weekend. Also it looks like an awesome game cause the reviews are overwhelmingly positive that's right overwhelmingly positive with 8, 527 :thumbsup: reviews...
  12. TheGamingGeneral

    "Massive" Witcher 3 Patch!

    CD Projekt Red is working on a new Witcher 3 - WildHunt patch this is what they said -> "Was just looking at the changelog and it looks really impressive-- the list of changes is massive. The update will bring a lot of fixes and improvements including PS4 performance (as well as other platforms)...

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