1. Steven

    Spicey nuggets and table top game what can go wrong

    Photo credit to THE Fight Against Frozen Beef The nation of Freshtovia has been the lone beacon of hope in the land of Beef’s Keep for decades. However, the Ice Jester and his rogues gallery of frozen fiends threaten Queen Wendy’s reign of prosperity. Prepare your heroes for...
  2. UnixSystem101

    Sea Of Thieves Releasing Soon

    Sea of Thieves is releasing on March 20th, 2018!
  3. UltraPlasmaNerd

    Humble Classics return bundle
  4. Delta_06

    Gaming and Anime is LIFE, specially when you share it with other people that has the same interests.

    Always waiting for new Games and New Episodes to play and watch... xD first time doing this ... :3, Im 16 years old, InSideFire's buddy, and I'm level 3 on steam xD, starting on youtube... I love multiplayer games, competitive sometimes, and currently watching/waiting on episodes for 6 anime...
  5. itsthesherf

    Life is Strange, indeed.

    So, I just recently bought Life is Strange the other day via HumbleBundle (code for Steam)... I'm almost done with it and I know the ending mostly, just finishing up episode 5. What did you guys think of it if you've played it, or watched it? I've been streaming it and I put my streams on my...
  6. itsthesherf

    The Sherfs in Town!

    Hey everyone! My name is Sherry, but a lot of my gamer friends just call me Sherf or Sher. My gamertag, itsthesherf, was made years ago when I was in highschool, a lot of people think it is a play on words of "sheriff", but in reality, my name is Sherry, and my last name starts with an F, so...
  7. Jake FIsher

    Any Square Enix Fans?

    I been a fan ever since I played FFX, about 5 or 6 years ago but anyways for anyone who are fans of Square Enix I recently learned a week ago that Final Fantasy XV was delayed 2 months, I'm sure that pretty much everyone who does pay attention to this game knows about this but I just felt like...
  8. ScrappyFX

    Hey Guys! I missed you all so much <3

    I'm so so sorry for the inactivity. My laptop's ram burnt out therefore I had to save up to get it repaired... However I'm here never the less and I missed you all! Being in such a nice community of people that contributes just gives us a good vibe around each other. Let me introduce myself once...
  9. screwthetrees

    Games you are looking forward to in 2016

    What games are you looking forward to that is coming out in 2016? Personally i'm looking forward to these games: XCom 2 (PC)(February) Dark Souls 3 (Xbox One, PS4, PC) (April) Mirror's edge catalyst (Xbox One, PS4, PC) (May) BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend (PC) (Undated) Mass Effect...
  10. screwthetrees

    Favourite way to waste time?

    Inb4 gaming. What is your favourite time waster? Is it an IOS game. or maybe simply reading a book. Maybe you are unfortunate to not have time to waste time? In that case ill feel sorry for you >.< To make it harder there is 1 rule: The time waster cannot be gaming ;D I'll start: My favourite...
  11. screwthetrees

    Saving habits in games!

    So what kind of saving habits do you guys in games? This is ofcourse, if you play single player games where you need to manually save... otherwise there is an option for you guys that play online only games :3... you can vote on 3 things in total so make them count ;D I know that in some games...
  12. screwthetrees

    Unitale, poor undertale copies coming soon.

    What is it? (Pasted from their reddit) Unitale is a Lua-moddable Undertale-based engine, meaning that it provides some of Undertale's more important mechanics so you can make your own battles (and soon, overworld/stories). Now, many of my friends bought into the hype of this game, personally...
  13. Epik10000

    Quake Live now uses Steamworks, is no longer Free to Play To those who used to play the free to play game, gets the game free on Steam if you played it on Steam or kept it installed on the steam library...
  14. BananaPie

    Steam promises to make support better.

    Erik Johnson from Valve confirmed Steam is finally going to train it's employees how to solve problems faster. He and Gabe admitted that their support sucks ass,but that they're trying to improve it. Refunds were the 1st step to make it better,now they're working on efficiency of their workers...

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