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Jun 13, 2015
Hello everyone! Today I'm here to give you some basic guidelines on how to write a good review. All my suggestions are, of course, optional; I will simply give you tips and show you the basic guides I use for my own reviews.
Take what you find useful, leave what doesn't agree with you, reorder, remix, and more importantly, have fun reviewing your game. :)

Getting Ready

First and foremost, I keep something handy to take notes on. Any impressions I get about a game, I write down on this notepad/file/whatever not to forget them. They don't have to be fancy, drawn out sentences, more often than not, they look like this:

* uncomfortable w/ keyboard
* cool detail bg
* music repetitive
* love the ending!
They're just reminders so when I finally sit down to write the review, I don't forget those particular details.

The Beginning

Background Information

More often than not, you'll want to start your review by giving a bit of background information about the game: a bit of the story or at least the genre of the game. You can expand and tell what the story is about, or you can keep it simple and concise. That's up to you. I vary from review to review, depending on the type of game.

Basic Gameplay

Another thing you might want to include is basic information about game play. How does the game work? Is it a puzzle? A platformer? A FPS? Are you just supposed to shoot everything or stealth your way in? Does it have various modes? Do you play it with the keyboard? Controller? Is it comfortable? You don't have to list out every key used in the game or how to move and attack and all that, this is not a guide nor walkthrough after all, but you can put your impressions about it. Was it logical? Was the movement smooth? Were the keys too far apart?

The Audiovisual

How do you feel the audio? Do you like the music? Do the sound effects make you laugh? Are they reasonable? What about the voice acting? Is it good? Bad? Laughable? And what about those 3D models or that pixel figure? Do you like them? are they deformed? Do they stretch in funny ways they shouldn't?
All this can be added to your review too.

The Middle

Here is where you get to the nitty-gritty of the game. You're actually playing it, you can tell us what you think of the game itself.
Does it have puzzles? Are they easy? Hard? Does it require lots of backtracking? How about that FPS sight? Is aiming hard? What about the drop rates of things? The community if it's multiplayer? Did you have fun? hated it? Were you terribly frustrated? Did you prefer single player over multiplayer?

You can mention here too any bugs you encountered; did you get stuck on a wall? Did the game crash? Was something not working or working funny?

Another thing you can mention here is whether the game mas achievements, collectibles, or anything else that makes it worth replaying.

Again, you can go as crazy as you want with explaining, or keep it brief.

The End

The end is just a quick conclusion.
All that which you just typed above? Yeah, all that you can now sum it up in one or two sentences. Add a word on whether you recommend the game or not. Pat yourself in the back, you just finished your review. ^.^


:q Games are an audiovisual experience. Consider adding to your review a screenshot or two (those you took yourself are preferred, but if you don't want to, then try to use official resources and not other people's screenshots) or even a gameplay video if you're into it.

:q Some people (like me) like to add ratings (some like to dissect said ratings, some just give an overall), others don't. Don't force yourself to rate a game with numbers if you don't want to. You can use that, you can do a simple Yes/no like steam, or you can go without rating - you can even make up your own way of rating games. Your parrot approves? Good! Tell us that, then!

In conclusion:

Do what's comfortable for you. If you want to do three paragraphs, tell us that your tarantula recommends the game, go ahead. If you want to dissect the review by separating Gameplay, Audiovisual and Playing, go ahead. If you want to write an essay with various star ratings, go ahead!

Your reviews don't have to be works of art, your English doesn't have to be spectacular, but do try to put a bit of effort in them. Just one or two sentences isn't going to tell us much about the game, but two or three small paragraphs will be better to convey your feelings about it. o///o
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God of Gaming
Aug 4, 2015
That was awesome Castiel very informative. If you all don't mind I think ill write a few myself.

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